Monday, September 27, 2010


From the gold-tongued (fingered?) Seth Godin:

No risk, no art.
No art, no reward.

Art is a leaders game.
Art is leaping, not stepping, into the void.
Look before you leap, but leap, jump...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I just took a trip to Bermuda. There was so so much inspiration and research through osmosis.

You will see influences in Fathoms, from my home - Brooklyn (and New York City), as well as Bermuda. Being on the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the mind-blowingly beautiful water, land, and weather of Bermuda....something that pictures on the internet can't replace.

We (as people, and as artists) need time to reflect, absorb, and redirect. Bermuda was much needed time to gather my thoughts.

I often overthink projects, and I'm working on streamlining my processes. I'm developing methods to limit myself, cut myself off before I get carried away. I have to keep in mind simple goals, and always align to those. I understand there has to be room for experimentation and exploration, but there also has to be some kind of deadline at which, good or bad, things must be completed. Otherwise I'll be long dead before I complete any of my great works, hah. Sometimes a vacation is reaffirming research.

I'm still finishing two other major projects before I go back into full-on production of Fathoms. To keep Fathoms fresh in my mind, I'm trying to work at least 15 mins a day on some aspect of design or pre-production.