Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There exists a myth.

The idea that you can do everything you want,
That you can have perfection.

The reality is simple

Make some compromises or risk nothing.
If everything is the most important thing, nothing will truly matter,
Nothing will get done.

In the past I would start many projects in a given year. Most of these projects have never been (or ever will be) completed. This is because of scope creep, laziness, aiming too high, and lack of dedication.

Ideas are cheap...arguably free, but that only gets 1% to the finish line. Execution, dedication, planning, compromise, these things comprise the remaining 99%. These are the means by which you deliver on the promise of your idea(s).

As I grow as an artist, my biggest realization is that I have to do one less thing, one less project, one less tangent in order to become the artist I desire. This is a realization that it's far more important for me actually finish and deliver what I start, even if I hate it, even if it's only a few projects. It's the realization  that I have to mindfully shutdown tangential ideas and projects, creative distraction, if you will. Something small is never actually small, it always bursts and blooms into a jungle...it's like the tip of the iceburg....there's a mountain just below the surface.

So, you must ask yourself
Do you want to grow a few fertile gardens,
or do you want to leave behind many barren wastelands?

So I'm compromising,
I'm keeping the true goals in mind for Fathoms. I want to win the heart of Fathoms. Rather, I want Fathoms to be a nice girl, with a beautiful soul. She might end up being ugly, she might end up being Venus, but regardless, she will have a beautiful, shining heart.

Fathoms is about emotional authenticity and telling a genuine story, one that connects with the audience. The sci-fi setting is merely the backdrop for this play. The aesthetic is not to be overlooked (I am a visual artist after all), but it is very secondary to my goal, so, I have to let some things go here in order to accomplish this and still ship on time.

I'm doing Fathoms from start to finish, almost entirely by myself. So, If I want to get from (final) pre-production to completion in a year, while working full-time in motion graphics, I'm going to have to make some sacrifices...but that doesn't mean Fathoms has to be crappy, or unworthy of doing.

If I succeed in connecting with my audience, in a genuine, moving way, then it's a big win. I have to remember that perfect aesthetics are SECONDARY here.

I'm not making a demo reel
My audience doesn't care if I hand drew the frames, or did them in three-dee, or if I shot them on a 8mm camera. They only care if those things get in the way of, or detract from the story.

Happy Turkey Day

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