Thursday, May 26, 2011


A quiet night on the Q train

So, I have been working on some pretty complex (for me anyway) sets, some are intimate, some are epic.

It's been both challenging (frustrating) and fun.

There is always more to do than one plans for, so I have planned about 5 extra days of catch up time.
Currently I am behind about a day, so, that's still very reasonable.

Week 5 will be about finishing the last of the main set pieces and then getting into the nitty gritty of finishing Sam & Evan. I've put this off for a few weeks because a) I'm scared b) I'm hoping I can apply some problem solving things I've dealt with in the previous 4 weeks.

More soon!

UPDATE - after a totally unplanned life indecent today, I'm behind about a day and a on swimmin?!

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