Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thank you so much everyone! Seriously! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The Kickstarter project finished at a resounding 261% with nearly $20,000 raised! We had support from communities all over the world, from friends and family, from mysterious anonymous has been an honor and a privilege to say the least.

Tons of crazy stuff will be happening. The real (painful but joyous) work begins now, so, GAME ON!

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O'Shea said...

Your friendly neighborhood mysterious anonymous contributer here!(that's a mouthful)

I came across your project via shameless plug from mdotstrange. After stakeing out your kickstarter like the worst kind of stalker, I really liked what I saw. I thouroughly enjoyed the look and feel of the images I saw, and if there's one thing in this life that I enjoy it's a good story.

So here I am hoping you use these people's cash( including a veritable drop in the bucket from your's truly in the small sea of cash you seem to have amassed)in all the best ways.

That Weird O'Shea Guy