Monday, November 21, 2011


We did it!

Well, half did it....!?!

The animatic is over half-way complete!
This is a big deal. A HUGE DEAL!

This represents a ton of work of which I have never attempted or completed before (it's scary!). I've made some great additions to the story in terms of clarity (for the viewer) of my themes and story.

Nerd details - this represents about 200 SHOTS and aproximately 10 MINUTES OF ANIMATION...INSANE!

Now of course, some shots will not make it to final edit/animation, and a lot will be shortened (or lengthened) as necessary. A lot of shots are being added and refined, though, at this stage, animation remains limited and mostly loose.

PS - I'm at 16 days straight without breaking the chain (more on that in another post). I'll consider it significant when I've made it to 30.

Keep on swimmin!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I don't know what an "animatic" is, but I do know what 200 shots and 10 minutes means, and it sounds like a lot.


Josh said...

Nice! Can't wait to see it!

Peter said...

So, if post-production doesn't take more time than in-production we are halfway there.
Good to know, however long the remaining wait is!

The User said...

Post-production will definitely be shorter than production time. Production is a steep hill to climb and things are slower right now because this is happening in the evenings after work.

Come January and February I'm working on Fathoms all day, which will allow the production to move at a more satisfying pace. I'm still shooting for quarter one 2012 to complete the film!