Monday, February 20, 2012


Holy $#@*!!!

The animatic is done (save a minor part)!!!!!!!!

This encapsulates so many firsts for me it's absurd!!!

I'm a nerd for numbers, so, STATS!

 I only missed 8 days and that was to work on a rush job for a client.
That's a score of 92%!!!

WTF?! I added so many shots to flesh out parts of the boardamatic that were unclear (thanks to my team of trusted screeners) or not explored deeply enough. I was really hoping to cut down on my dreaming big...but everything keeps growing.

According to most film festivals, this qualifies FATHOMS as a feature film (gasp)!
Now, this is based on the assembly edit (ie, all the shots laid out on the timeline), the final result may be shorter as there is probably a lot of fat in there.

Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support and patience with this process!
Now on to the rough cut and more private screenings to help tame this beast!


Unknown said...

If you can keep it at feature length that would be awesome jsut to be able to hit film fests with that.

JohnGreenArt said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats. What's an animatic?

The User said...
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The User said...

Thank you everybody for the kind words and support!

I would love to keep this at feature length, but it will probably be shorter (I try to avoid filler for fillers sake)....then I have to figure out what to do, festivals dont like 30 minute shorts, though they probly dont like 40 minute features either, hah.

An animatic is like a sketch of the animation. So, the camera angles are set, and general animation blocking is in. But things like lip movement, and more subtle animation is not included. This saves time animating in case I decide not to use a shot at this point.

Here's a more succinct explanation:
More about Animatics